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Welcome to my little corner of the web. My name is Veriria, and I've been into avs, or "cartoon dolls" as they are known now, since about 1997. That means I've been a part of the community for half my life, as I just turned 30 years old on February 5th!

My website was one of the first to contain hand-drawn dolls, and also tutorials on how to make dolls. I was one of the first and helped spawn this trend all over the internet! Feel free to browse or adopt my handmade cartoon dolls. If you want to learn to draw your own, check out my tutorials, as they are excellent for those just starting out. If you need some help, create a profile at my forums and start posting. It's new, and I'm looking for more wonderful people to join and start posting!

Lastly, feel free to contact me with any suggestions for my site, links you might have, or heck, if you want to be an affiliate of my website! I've had it up and online since 1998; my original website link was veriria.8k.com. I purchased my two domain names - veriria.com and rubberhouse.net - in 2001 and my website has been hosted here ever since. There are loads of stuff here - dollz, tutorials, base bodies, links to other fantastic dollers, contests, a dollmaker or two, and much more! Just take a look around, you won't be dissapointed.

10-03-2013 - Updates

I made a bona-fide doll! Can you believe it? It's hard to believe, I know - I barely believe it myself! In honor of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I give you -- Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter
base by Ars Deorum Pixels

09-12-2013 - Updates

Hey all! I've got some exciting news - I'M WORKING ON MY WEBSITE AGAIN! Not this particular part -- I'm working on the main page. Please check it out: Veriria's Cartoon Doll Tutorials & Links. I'm not sure if I'll be giving it a different name aside from this section of my website. After all, it is more for dolling tutorials & other links; however I believe that when I start making new dolls or pixels again, it will be updated on my main section. I started using Word Press and it just makes updating one's website SO. MUCH. EASIER!

09-08-2013 - Updates

*cringes* I've done it AGAIN, haven't I? I'm sorry. I've just been side tracked with stuff like my Rocky Horror website(s) for my shadow cast, Help Me Mommy. In other news, I was bored so I was searching Google for random Doll websites (mainly looking up references to my username, Veriria). I noticed that Xandorra's website is down? Is it coming back? If anyone knows please get in touch with me! I'm very concerned. I'd hate to see her site down for good.

While I'm working on making Wordpress a reality on my website, please go and "LIKE" me on Facebook! It's my Page, named Veriria's Cartoon Doll Palace & Search Engine.

07-17-2012 - Updates

Hello, poppets! I feel very badly that I have not done much with my site the last few months -- just with Summer in full swing, I'm very busy. House stuff, work stuff, the whole married-thing. And now in addition to that, I've been made the web master/promotions manager for my Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, Help Me Mommy. You might have noticed earlier in the year I was posting flyer designs I was making...I was essentially the only person doing it, and doing any promotional ads. Hoping to change that of course! Without an audience, we have no show, yanoo?

Aside from that, I've been dabbling in Worlize. It was created by a person who formerly used The Palace Chat. I'm quite excited for this application, as it's nearly the same as The Palace (graphical chat, where you can use avatars to represent yourself) but there is absolutely NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED. The best part is, you log in using your Facebook or Twitter accounts! It's so easy. I'm contemplating creating a Rocky Horror themed server of my own. I'm sad to see The Palace slowly fade, as it was a big part of my life (getting dorky, I know) but that's just the way of technology. Palace has been reduced to an App now XD

06-04-2012 - Updates

I was away at a Rocky Horror convetion, down in Kentucky! It was massive fun, and a lot of it was spent tipsy on alcohol and thoroughly enjoying myself. More to follow!

05-21-2012 - Updates

Hey ya'll! Again, no dolls to report. I've come to a decision though! Instead of arbitrarily updating whenever I feel like it, I'm going to update every Monday.

Also, I'm going to focus on my Palace server in the coming weeks, and set a date to have a get together with any and all cartoon doll creators or enthusiasts on the web to get together and chat! So please keep checking back for when I update about it!

Please do not forget to LIKE me on FaceBook to get updates in real time!

05-01-2012 - Updates

Hello there, boys and girls! No picture updates today, sorry to say. Basically, it's Spring time and ever since I started eating the Paleo or Primal way, I've had more energy (especially since I fell off the diet but recently got back onboard!). So, I've been doing a lot of non-computer related things. Such as, making costumes & props for Rocky Horror, cleaning all our clothing, and doing a lot of de-cluttering in general. I know this is starting to feel more like a blog than a doll website, but I can promise you I am not going to dissapear again. Just keep in mind I'm 30 years old, married, and work about 60 hours a week on average :) lol

04-27-2012 - Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates (and dolls!). Vacation was great, even though a lot of the tourist-y things weren't open yet in The Dells. I just haven't had the time or inclination the last few weeks to do anything related to my website. This doesn't mean that I'm abandoning it again, however! Real life just gets in the way :) I'm trying to clean & de-junk our house, along with cooking more food at home as opposed to eating out, which we have done a lot more of lately. So anyhoo, please stay tuned! I fully plan on finishing that male base sometime in the immediate future.

I did, however, make some more flyers for my Rocky Horror Picture Show cast. It's interesting, learning how to make flyers.

I used a previously-made flyer by someone else in the Rocky community as direct inspiration for the layout:

For this flyer, I used a blank iPhone image and simply added in the screen parts.

For this flyer, I pretty much used a layout I found online. Then I put Frank-N-Furter's face on a poster for Prom Night II and used that as the background image.

04-16-2012 - Updates

I'm on a much-needed vacation with my husband for the next few days! Not a long one, but I don't expect to be online much while out here in the Dells. Cheers!

04-10-2012 - Updates

I just realized it's been 7 days since I last updated OMG! Sorry. It's been so hectic at work, I have done literally nothing but eat and sleep while at home, and of course doing nothing but working while at work (how strange a concept!).

I work onboard Amtr@k trains in the cafe car, and these past two weeks or so has been Spring Break for the kids, so it's literally kicked my butt. So, hopefully more updates and dolls in the next few days!

04-03-2012 - Updates

In keeping with the (new) tradition of not going more than 5 days without an update -- tada! An update for you. I must admit, it's not much of one. I'm not done with that new male base body yet and haven't done any more work on my Palace -- my work and off days have been very busy! I hope to remedy that in the next few days. I had free time, but I was designing flyers for my Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, Help Me Mommy. It was neat to put Brad's head on Clint Eastwood's body, I tell ya what! Ha ha! Enjoy the pictures <3

03-31-2012 - Updates

Not much of an update: I just wanted to tell you all that I still need links in the new Cartoon Doll Search Engine. This can include dolls websites even if there are no tutorials, just make sure you submit it to the right category (Dollers Websites). ALSO, I've been working on my Palace Chat server! I'd really love other doll makers to get into it and make bases and clothing exclusively for Palace, similar to how they're made for individual forums. Please give Palace a try!

03-26-2012 - Updates

Just a little preview of a new base body I'm working on <3 I noticed the lack of male base bodies, so here's a little preview of what is in store! It is also going to be the new male "Prep" base body I'd like to get some clothing made for, for my Palace.

03-25-2012 - Updates

Soooo, I've been working a bit more on my Palace Chat server -- and I was originally going to have it just be a small Palace as a companion to my dolls website. However, I'm thinking of turning it into a central chatting place for dollers all over the world. I'd love to have dollers make some exclusive base bodies and props for said bases! It would sort of be like if you were making bodies and clothing for a drag and drop, excepting that people could wear them while chatting!

You can check out the website for my Palace Chat server at verypalace.com.

03-23-2012 - Updates

You should totally go over to Facebook and "like" me & my website(s)!

Also don't forget that you should check out Palace Chat! You can visit me via Open Palace by clicking this link (opens in new window!) or by downloading The Palace Chat client at PChat.org and using my Palace's address, which is verypalace.com:9998. And if you have the Palace client already installed, just click the link! It will open open Palace up and connect you automatically.

03-21-2012 - Updates

Hallo! Another new pixel image from me. I basically took an image of the 10th Doctor that I loved and turned it into pixel art. While I didn't trace it, I pretty much just drew him exactly as the picture is portrayed. I think it was a great pixel study for me -- figuring out how to shade skin and hair on a larger base body, as it were. The source picture can be found here.

Feel free to comment on it over at deviantART.

03-17-2012 - Updates

Small pixel <3


03-14-2012 - Updates

Soooo I edited the previously posted hat, as per critiques on it from Pixel Glam! One simply has darker colors, and the other I used lots more dithering on.

03-14-2012 - Updates

I am getting soooo sick of my layout, I really want a new one, pronto! Maybe I'll just make a simple one myself; I've done that in the past.

For your amusement, I have made a top hat. A BIG top hat. So big it surely wouldn't fit any of my current dolls, at any rate. I was thinking I could perhaps open a "shop" on Pixel Glam forums and sell customized top hats...But, I dunno -_-;; My confidence in dolling is not quite that high as of yet...

Perhaps you can use it? I'd love to see what you do with it!

03-12-2012 - Updates

I can just envision my website: flailing its little arms around like a kid, squealing: "I want a new layout RIGHT NOW!".

For realz.

The layout is so old, and looks VERY small/skinny on my laptops. I can only imagine what it would look like on my husband's monitor, which is about 37" XD Anyhoo, I'm not an expert when it comes to HTML or making layouts so I've been on the hunt for the "perfect" one. Hopefully I'll find one soon! Or can get someone to make one for me :)

And: a smaller linking image, since everyone seems to favor smaller linking banners nowadays:

Older Updates


Wow, I'm getting pretty good with the updates, huh? Lookie what I did!

My first STEAMPUNK doll!
Base by AuroreBlackCat


ALRIGHT! So I've been hard at work on my cartoon doll search engine which will now be located at HTTP://DIR.RUBBERHOUSE.NET all night. I currently have 111 categories waiting to be filled! I have already put in 66 links by myself, and plan on adding more tomorrow. But for now, it's bed time. Goodnight! Please check out the directory and tell me what you think or add some links of your own by going to the "Suggest Listing"!


^^new update, same day^^

New Prep #1

^^earlier in the day
In my haste of wanting to get the directory installed on my server, I failed to realize I over-wrote a few things and it caused my site to be down for a few hours (basically from about 2:30am Eastern to about now, which is 7:30am Eastern). I'm SO sorry for that! Then in my haste to figure out why my website wasn't up and running, I accidentally deleted my .htaccess file XD Which basically means it was my list of "allowed" sites to hot link to my images, that's all. So, again I'm sorry my website was down! I guess it's better to be down during the middle of the night, however, compared to the rest of the day...


^^new update, same day^^
I adopted my first doll today! It is Ralphi from A Christmas Story. I still hate the movie, but my brother and dad LOVE it. And, it's based in the NWI area (even though it was filmed in Ohio, or something...haha!). From Dr A's Labora-Oratry website. I happened to stumble upon their website while searching for "cartoon dolls veriria" on google.

Ralphie from A Christmas Story
Dr A's Labora-Oratry

I've been discussing my Doll Tutorial & Links Resource Center a lot lately! I've added over 100 links so far. Well, since I made great money in tips yesterday at work (I'm a bartender onboard Amtr@k trains!) I decided to splurge and purchase an actual directory link software. It should be installed sometime today or tomorrow, and then I'll get to work on customizing it.

Also, I made a small pixel link for you you use if you wish to link back to my website. I've come to realize that many different people prefer very differently sized linking images, so looks like I've got to make some more!


^^new update, same day^^
Did you know I started my website when I was about 14 or 15 years old? It's been so long, I don't even remember what year exactly it was. I turned 30 years old this last February 5th. I'm probably one of the oldest "dollers" still around! <3 And by that I don't mean the oldest in years...I mean, the one that has been around the longest!

So! I've been hard at work adding links to my new project - the Cartoon Doll Tutorial & Links Resource Center. Yes, that's a lot of adjectives, I know...:) It's NOT complete or open yet, but I have decided to post the link so that others can of course share their own websites or favorite links via the Contact Us page, but so I can also get critiques on the layout and such. Thanks so much for your input!


You aren't going to believe this, but...

The base is not by me, it was made by Kenly.

I also made another linking button. It's based off an older one but meh, it was something to do, yes!


The LINKS SUBMISSION page of my Cartoon Dolls Tutorials Links Directory is up! Clicking on that link will open in a new page. THE REST OF THE WEBSITE IS NOT UP YET! But I thought it would be good so that people can email me their favorite websites/their own website links.

Website links I'm looking for: dollmakers, cartoon doll creation tutorials, Palace Chat tutorials, doll forum links, and pixel art links. And really, anything else you think might be relevent to the art-form.


Hi there! I'm currently working on a new project: I'm making a new cartoon dolls tutorial directory. This link goes to the template ONLY -- it is far from done! As much as I'd like to get a nice directory script, they usually cost $$$ for the nice versions, and I just don't think I want to spend the money on something like that at this point in time. SOooo I'll be updating the links manually, which really is no big deal to me. Anyhoo, let me know what you think about the template, and thanks!


Hallo! I added a few links to my Links section. Namely, links to Pixel Joint forums as well as a link to an excellent Pixel Art Tutorial (a new links section/category!) located at Derek Yu's Pixel Art Tutorial.

I also found an image of a doll I was in the middle of working on when I quit dolling...XD

I'm still trying to find my new web layout. I'm rubbish when it comes to designing web pages and I have no qualms with using others free or linkware layouts. Know any good websites that offer up fabulous layouts? Please share your links! Either email me, or post in my forums, look me up on Palace, etc...

Also, I noticed an image wasn't correctly linking. Back in 2001, I was the first cartoon dolls website to win The Golden Web Awards!


So I've been working on my Palace server. I've decided to make it a Steampunk themed server (as far as backgrounds in the rooms goes). I've got a few avatar rooms up but it's still definitely a work in progress. I AM looking for pixel/doll artists who would like to contribute their art to be avatars at my Palace!

I also updated my About Me page.


Hi there! So I got my Palace up and running -- the link is in the last update. There isn't much, just one chat room in fact and no scripts or avatars. That's where YOu come in! If you use Palace -- or if you want to donate dolls for use as avatars -- please email or otherwise contact me! You will receive full credit and your own room to house the avatars, and you can even have links to your website/email/whatever in the room as well.

Also: I'm online on my Palace as of 7:15pm central time! Click here or copy and paste http://www.openpalace.org/demo/#palace=verypalace.com:9998 into your URL bar.


Update! I've decided to create my own Palace Chat server again. It is by no means finished -- in fact, I only just had it created about two days ago. That being said, I've decided to open it to the public even before I begin working on it. There will only be one actual chat room or two, but I hope to add more things such as old avatars from The Palace, links to other Palaces still online, and who knows? Perhaps I'll even create some new base bodies and dolls. The nice thing about Palace now is that it is NO LONGER LIMITED to small room sizes or restricted to the colors you can use in avatars. And it's still completely free to use (for you! Though I'm only paying $9 a month for hosting my Palace -- that's like, nothing).

Anyhoo, there are two ways to connect to my palace -- you can download The Palace Chat software (free to use, NO ads whatsoever) or you can connect via your web browser (meaning you don't have to download anything).

I would suggest downloading The Palace Chat software via Avatar Palace's since they seem to be one of the main hub's for Palace users. Then you type in verypalace.com:9998 into the "New Connection" dialog box to connect to my palace.

If you would like to connect via web browser, you must click here or copy and paste http://www.openpalace.org/demo/#palace=verypalace.com:9998 into your URL bar.


Hello, darlings!

It's been a long time, hasn't it?

I'm SO sorry! I randomly started downloading The Palace Chat client and boy have things changed. The Avatar Palace is no longer teaming with sk8ers (or cartoon dolls, if you will) and I just felt so nostalgic for the Palace I used to know, I started looking up dolls online as well. Xandorra doesn't update anymore either -- that's just CRAZY! She stayed with it for sooo long, so I'm amazed at that as well.

I don't know if I intend on creating dolls again but I do feel like exploring the world of dolls.

Are cartoon dolls as popular as ever? Is it in decline? I simply don't know, as all the forums and websites I knew and loved are no longer around or even relevent.

By the by, the ONLY Palace server I found that contains dolls (from what I've seen so far), is Darling Dollz. You need The Palace Chat installed to visit. The address is darlingdollz.epalaces.com:9998.

ATTENTION! I really need your help. I need suggestions for links for my website -- cartoon doll or Palace Chat related, of course. Got a doll maker online, or do you feature your hand-drawn dolls on your own personal website? Please, e-mail me! My e-mail address is veriria AT yahoo DOT com. Of course, replace the at and dot signs with the appropriate symbols.



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