About Veriria's Website and Dolls - Updated 02/21/2012

I started making avatars -- what you probably know only as "Cartoon Dolls" since 1997. Yes, it's true! You see, what you call "cartoon dolls" actually started out as images/avatars on The Palace Chat. You can read the history about the dolls/avatars at Evolution of the Skater. The Palace Chat is a graphical 2-D chatting client that does have a rather large following, even though it has no professoinal support anymore (although the community support for it simply rocks!). People can host their own servers and make their Palaces, and anyone with a Palace client can access said servers, much like an IRC client.

Since it is user supported, it is totally free to use unlike other chatting websites and software.

I started putting my own personal creations on my website around early 1998, at http://veriria.8k.com - a website that is still up and running even though they refuse to give me access to it anymore *laughs* Following my friend Love, for an Immortal, (who was the first person to put "doll/avatar" tutorials up online) -- I put my own tutorials up online for others as well, since I was getting quite disgusted with the fact that people were "ripping" avatars off of The Palace and placing them on their websites and pro-claiming them as "their own" or "they made them".

I can't say I was the first, but I can damn well say me and my website were the second to put up tutorials on how to make dolls. Sounds silly, but what do I care - it's true! While there are many more dollers out there who are simply fabulous at making said dolls, my website does enjoy a steady traffic flow simply because so many others have linked to me over the years. I humbly thank all those who have and continue to support me and my website! And the rest, as they say, is history.

About Veriria Herself - Updated 02/21/2012

I just turned 30 years old on February 5th, 2012. I don't feel 30 years old, let alone like an adult yet!

Hobbies: I enjoy doing many things - I have a ton of different hobbies. Right now I bounce around between making cartoon dolls, making handmade soap, being on my webcam, and watching Lost (it's my favorite show in the entire world!). I've also lately been trying to paint. Nothing fancy, of course - strictly abstract painting ;D I've actually been reproducing some Keith Haring artwork (he's one of my favorite artists).

I've also been creating my own Palace Chat server again! Check it out - the address is verypalace.com:9998. Or, click here to open the Palace in your web browser.

Housemates:I currently live with my husband, Zero Phoenix, my two cats, Maestro and Rozz Williams, and our Pomeranian, Geronimo.

Work: I work onboard Amtrak trains - and while some people may think it is a "glamorous" or "adventurous" job, I'm here to tell you that it AIN'T! It's just a job, though an atypical one, I'll grant you that. But I make great money, have benefits, and will soon be vested in Railroad Retirement. I started back in late 2003.

Health: I'm trying to quit drinking Diet Coke (bane of my existance! Well, at least for my teeth...) Both me and my husband have went Primal, or Paleo, in our eating habits. Both are basically all about eating nutrient dense, organic plants and grass fed and pastured meat, and omitting all processed foods and known gut irritants, such as all wheat products, beans, etc. It's worth reading about if you are interested -- I've lost 25 pounds in about 6 months, and my husband lost about 35.

Blogging: I sporadically update my LiveJournal as well as my Myspace account as well. Feel free to add me if you wish! I also created a Paleo community on Live Journal. There aren't too many posters there yet, so if you've been eating this way please feel free to contribute your story!


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