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About Me

About Veriria

What names do you use online?

I go by Veriria normally, and thats it. As far as I know, I'm also the only "Veriria" on the whole of online. At least whenever I sign up for something requiring a username, I usually get it :) And don't ask for my real name, like I said, I go by Veriria.

Personal Statistics:

Star Sign: Aquarius

Hair Color: Usually I keep it black because I think it suits me more than any other color does. But sometimes I change it. Last summer I just bleached my hair, and had a really cool tri-colored hair effect going on.

Eye Color: Grey-ish with green streaks in them (at least I think so, everyone says I'm crazy).

Height: I'm about 5'1" tall. Hey, I may be short, but I'm still 1 inch taller than my mom!

Complexion: I'm very pale, although I did get some color during the summer...Mostly a "driver's tan" hehe.

Where do you live?

I live in northwestern Indiana. Really, I'm not a Hoosier ;) I was born in Chicago; I've also lived in Connecticut for two years. My family originally moved here because My dad got a promotion with Amtrak. As far as climate goes, it gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I'm not much of a summer person, myself. I much more enjoy the winters, simply for the fact that when it is warm out, its next to impossible to actually make yourself cool. But it is much easier in the winter to make yourself warm :). Thats what I like about it. I live about 30 minutes outside of Chicago (30 minutes when traffic is light!) but since I've lived out here for so long, Chicago doesn't really hold any fascination for me. Other cities I have been to do though!

What is your occupation?

I have a unique job - I work onboard Amtrak trains. It is a fun job, but in my honest opinion it is much more stressful than most jobs. There is too much to write explaining seniority and the extra board and such, so I won't bore you. Basically, I have a "regular run" on the train that goes down to Texas, its train #21 and its named the Texas Eagle. Every four days I make a run down to Texas and back, and then I have the next four days off. Its not bad! I'm the *Steward* in the dining car, thats my job function. Basically I am a cashier but I'm also considered the Manager of the dining car. I get stuck doing all the paperwork and am responsible for the stock and such, the servers really have it made!

I'll work on this more...I just felt like my "about me" pages needed updating.


.:· "If we compare Stoic with Christain ejaculations, we see much" - William James
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