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Creative Arts

   Here is where a lot of my artwork is located. I have tons of my own dolls...Although, I have many more yet floating about The Palace Chat. I have been creating cartoon dolls, or sk8er avatars as they are originally called, for about six years now. I started on The Palace and used them as avatars, or graphics to represent me while chatting with other people. However, you are very limited on creating them on The Palace - you only have only a limited palette of colors to work with, and a limited size - 132 pixels by 132 pixels is the maximum you can create. Making dolls for the web is so much easier, because you are not limited by size or colors at all.
   There is also some of my real life artwork here. There is not much, and all was created while in highschool. I've found that I don't have much time to create anymore, and lack of inspiration doesn't help much either. I do hope to do more real artwork, I just need to get everything organized first ;)
   I also tried fan fiction...I am not quite sure that it worked out that well...But you can at least read it and give it a try, and then review it! I haven't written in a looong time, but I want to work on that again soon. I will also be revamping it, as I've come up with better ideas.
   I also will have a recipe section, I promise, and hopefully quite soon. I just don't seem to have the time that I need to really work on my website.

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