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How to Create Base Bodies

Ok, creating new base bodies isn't very hard, but like anything else, it takes practice to get good at. The only reason I am good, is because I have been into cartoon dolls for a very long time. There are TONS more people who have gotten good and even surpassed me, in only months time! Still though, it takes practice, practice, and more practice.

Step 1

Before I start, there are a few important things you should remember as you start out.

1. An artist draw what he sees and not how he thinks it should be. We so easily draw eyes or hair according to preset images that is already in our brain.
2. Use the right equipment. This is necessary to achieve true likeness. So we are going to look at material and the equipment you will draw with.
3. Taking time is one of the most important factors you always should keep in mind if you want to see the top of the mountain. This type of realistic drawing is a time consuming hobby but extremely satisfying when you see the response and admiration people have.

These are the very basic things you must remember. Yet it takes a lot of practice and perseverance. Please also note, while there is no real human nudity, the base body I create will be nude. If you can't handle cartoon boobs, I suggest you look elsewhere for base body tutorials (though good luck finding another one Ha!)

For this tutorial, you will need a painting program. It does not matter what painting program you have, this could easily apply to Paint Shop Pro, Microsoft Paint, to PhotoShop. All programs have the basic tools mentioned in this tutorial. But, I would recommend to have Paint Shop Pro - you can download a free trial from Jasc.com, as that is the program I use.

It is also a good program to use, since you can get it free, because it is much easier to work with layers while going through these tutorials, and to have a basic understanding of them as well. Layers are great :) If you want to learn more about layers, see my layers tutorial.

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