Warrior Princess Drag'n'Drop

   Hello! Welcome to my first unique drag and drop. You can see my original on the right, and that is how your doll should come out as (of course, you may edit them in your painting program once you are done).
   All you have to do is drag and drop the clothing over any of the base bodies as you like. This drag and drop is unique in that you can layer the clothing as you seem fit onto the dolls - just choose which peices that you want to go on the dolls first - such as the shoes first, then the pants, then the shirt, then the hair, etc.
   When you are satisfied with your dolls look, open up your painting program. Hit the print scrn button on your keyboard, then go back into your paint program and go to Edit paste. The screen image will appear in your paint file...Then just crop it and you've got your fantasy warrior doll!
   This drag and drops contents were created entirely by moi, right down to the base bodies here. So do not remove the individual peices and put them on your own site, thanks :) I am still adding to this as well, this is just 'for starters'! You must link back to www.veriria.com on the same page you display the doll, if you use this.


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