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Welcome to my Adoption Agency!

  Unfortunetly, before I can allow you to move on you must read my rules pertaining to these adoptions. I'm not trying to be mean, or give the wrong impressions, but I prize my art and I would expect that you would respect others artwork as well, as I have and always will copyright all of my artwork, whether they be one of my paintings in real life, or my dolls that I have created on my computer.

       1. NO DIRECT LINKING!! You must SAVE any pictures to your OWN computer. To do this simply put your mouse pointer over the image you want, RIGHT CLICK and choose SAVE AS. Then save it to whatever folder that you can remember on your computer. Web TV users you must TRANSLOAD them to your own server. Mac users, sorry can't help you on that one.

       2. You must have a link on the SAME WEBPAGE that my art will be appearing on. There is no contest. If I'm surfing around one day and catch someone's site with my dolls on it with no link - I'll contact them. If they don't respond - normally their site gets taken down by their ISP.

       3. These are NOT allowed to be in anyone else's adoptions pages, or to be offered off as someone else's false creations, OR to be included in a larger picture that you are offering off as an adoption of your own, OR in psp tubes or anything of a collection nature - PROVIDED - A link back to my web site is on the same page, AND you state CLEARLY that the dolls you have used were CREATED solely by ME - EVEN IF YOU EDITED THEM.

  That was simple enough, don't you think? Believe me, no one wants to see me in a bad mood, i'm as bad as lots of other people out there, if not worse :) So don't be a butt! If you don't know one thing about the word COPYRIGHT, I'd suggest reading a few of the webpages to your right.

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