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   I do get asked a lot of questions, and I do get a lot of repeat questions, although they are from different people. Please read through this list before e-mailing me with your question, perhaps I have already answered it here for you!

 Where did you get your dolls?
    I did not get them anywhere, I created them myself in Paint Shop Pro. Either by scratch or using someone else's base bodies, I draw them all myself, save for the dolls I have adopted.

 Can I adopt your dolls?
    Yes, so long as you follow the (few) rules that pertain to my dolls.

 Can you make me a doll?
    No. Sorry, I do not have the time to make dolls for myself, let alone make dolls for other people. I work full time and barely have enough time to work on my website ;)

 Can I use parts of your dolls for my own dolls?
    Yes, you can. Again just make sure you follow my terms of use.

 Where can I get Paint Shop Pro?
    By going to www.jasc.com.

 What kind of doll do you like to create the most?
    Any kind of doll that has not been created before.

 Where can I find drag-and-drop coding?
    I'm not sure, you might try some Dhtml sites though.

 Can you give me a registration code for The Palace?
    No, sorry, I can't do that. Try The Avatar Palace.

 How old are you?
    I'm currently 20 years old. My birthday is on February 5th, 1982.

 How do you make dolls?
    Try out my tutorials to find out! Just click on the 'tutorials' text link above.

 How do you create a Palace chat server?
    I can't help you out personally, but you can find excellent links on Palace Tools.

 Where is your website hosted?
    It is hosted with PHP Web Hosting. They offer an excellent web hosting service, and I highly recommend them.

 Why are there hardly any male dolls around?
    Mainly because most avatar and doll creators are female, and either don't know how or don't want to create male dolls.

 How do you make your website so popular?
    Only time will tell. My website has been online for years, so thats the only way it will get popular. Just give it time and advertise it anywhere that will allow you to advertise your website. Post it to forums, newsgroups, invite other people to view it in chat rooms, or in guestbooks.

 Will you be Sister Sites with me?
    Unfortunetly, no, please do not ask this. I hardly have any time devoted to my current Sister Sites, which I regret, but my time does not allow it. Sorry!!


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