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Create New Hair Styles

First of all, anyone who knows my site and my tutorials, knows that you have to READ my site, as well as look at the pictures. So, please READ what I have to say before you email me asking something, that could be already answered on this page. As you can tell, this is a tutorial for the creation of new hair styles. Please read on, and let me know if it helps you at all :) Any instruction in italics are optional and are usually tips and tricks associated with PSP (paint shop pro).

It is always best to work from a picture. Start by finding a picture of a person with a hairstyle you like. Pick something nice looking, but easy, if this is your first time trying to attempt new hair. I choose this picture, and I got it from Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion: Hairstyles. For yourself though, I would suggest a picture of a person who is looking only slightly to the right or left (the 3/4 perspective of the body), to make it easier on yourself.

1. We begin with a blank head. After that, choose the colors that you will use for the hair. Usually people use a palette of colors, meaning shades of one color from darker to lighter colors. Here is the palette I will be using along with the head:

2. I find it easiest to mark a point on the head to start drawing at. This is usually the middle of the hairline in the front of the head for me. Don't make it too low, but don't make it too high, either. Keep trying it out until you find a point that looks right to you.
   *note* -- And easier way to see what you are doing without having to zoom in and out, is to do this: with the image you are working on is the image selected, go to Window in your menu bar and click on New Window. This should be the first option in the menu. Now, an exact replica of the image you are working on should appear. This will let you zoom in and work on your image, while letting you see what your doll will look like at the proper zoom (1:1).

3. I start by drawing the outline of the curls that are to be in front (refer back to the real picture).

4. I continue to create the outline of the hair. Outlining is the best way to start - if you make a mistake, you can correct it quite easily, without messing the image much. This is how you should always start out anything, whether it be hair, clothing, accessories, or the like.

5. Color in the hair with the second color from the darkest color, and this is what I call the base color.

6. Use the next lightest color to create highlights in the hair. As you are working with such small proportions, if you have to do some guess work and mess up a few times, it won't matter much, just use your undo buttons and play around with your image until you like the way the hair looks.

5. Use the lightest color of the shade to add a few more highlights next to the previous highlights you created in step 6. Use the lightest color sparingly. Now finish off your dolls face; add lip coloring perhaps, maybe a dab of eyeshadow, and she's ready for the ball!

Did this tutorial help you at all? Did it confuse you even more so than you were before? Let me know what you think of it!! And as always, this tutorial is copyrighted by moi, Veriria, and cannot be re-distributed without my permission.

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