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Site History

   My site has been up for a few years, but I will admit that it never did look this pretty ;). My site, as it is now, was just a twinkle in my eye when I was working the midnight shift at a Walgreens. If you don't know what that is, its like a pharmacy + convenience store all in one.
   There is a chatting client I have used for many years, and its called The Palace. Mostly anyone can own a Palace chat server and there are thousands that exist today. Anyways, I was getting very popular at The Avatar Palace and people were always asking me to help them with making avatars (Avatars are what we call 'dolls' on The Palace).
   So, one night I took my loved Gelly Roll pens and a black-papered notebook to work. I started writing and introduction, my thanks and gave credits to those people who are long gone now from Palace - those who got me started creating my own avatars. I started writing out my first tutorials - my first tutorial was the 'Creating Clothing' tutorial, I believe. I no longer own that notebook, though now I wish I had kept it.
   Anyways, my site was the second ever site to have tutorials on how to actually create new dolls, and doll clothing. Granted, I'm not the best - and dolls today are evolved from the dolls in use on The Palace - but mine were still ahead of just about everyone else's. The first tutorials ever on the internet were written by Love for an Immortal He's an awesome guy, and although he doesn't and hasn't created avatars in a long time, he was always the best.
   Among the creators who inspired me were: Misanthrope, Love for an Immortal, Luna, Mina (now known as Innocents), Ava Adore, Ethers Tragic, and numerous others who's names I have forgotten. Currently I am inspired by Xandorra, Josie, my Palace friend Sahasra, and many others too numerous to list as well! I cannot show how happy I am that others are creating such masterpeices, I am so jealous ;)
   I refer to the way I creating dolls as 'old school'. A lot of dolls you see on wehsites today are being drawn and then have gradients, patterns, and all sorts of cool stuff included in the most advanced painting programs such as Paint Shop Pro, and Adobe Photoshop. My style is in The Palace style - you see, most of the dolls created today can't be used on The Palace, they use too many colors and are generally only used on The Internet.
   My dolls are created one pixel at a time, and a good understanding of colors and color gradients is useful when starting off into creating dolls - but I am no means an artist, it took me five years to get this good, while people learning from my tutorials are getting this good in months time! That is very good though :)
   I now get over 3,000 unique hits a day! For a personal site, this is very good indeed. I hesitate to think about what my site would be like if I hadn't of put it up before everyone else - there are so many other wonderfull doll creators and tutorials up today, its very hard competition!

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