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How to Create Cartoon Dolls

Update: 09.17.2013
All of my original tutorials can be found on these pages using the navigation to the left hand side. However, if you are in need of more, I have more resources for you! You can view my older Cartoon Dolls Tutorials Diretory. You can also view my NEW Tutorials Links resource on my main page. My main page is going to be the new 'All About Dollz' website for the cartoon doll community!

Original Page

This is my section on cartoon doll creation! I started this website back in 1998 - This was one of the first doll sites around that offered original cartoon dolls and tutorials on how to make them! I am glad that my website has helped so many people get addicted to this hobby - because I sure am and have been for nearly 9 years.

MANY people have told me and stated elsewhere that my tutorials here have helped them very much when they started out dolling, so I sincerely hope that they help you out too!

The cartoon doll creation tutorials here range from downloading base bodies, where to find inspiration for your unique dolls, the basics of creating cartoon dolls, and then on to making them in various paint programs. I even have a section on using your own dolls in The Palace Chat. So not only can you make your own dolls, but you can use them as an avatar to represent yourself - then chat with others from all over the world!

The tutorials here are more for those who are just starting out in dolling, or for those who know nothing at all about creating cartoon dolls. You do not need any expensive or complicated paint programs or The Palace Chat for making dolls - you can even us MS Paint! I can provide everything you need to start right here on my website.

If you would like to see a new tutorial, please e-mail me! I'm always open to suggestions and it would give me something to do when I am on the road for work.

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