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Inspirational Links

People often learn by imitation. It is natural! If you can't think of something to draw, by all means, browse through a gallery of artwork and find a picture you like. Now, I am not saying that you should blatantly copy someone else's work and then claim it to be your own - this is a big no no! But if you do happen to make a doll based on someone else's work, please respect the author's copyrights. If you post your doll on the internet, give a link back to the website where you got your inspiration from.

¤ If you have a new link that you would like to see listed here, please e-mail me! I would love to get this page of links longer, so any art galleries or collective links will be welcomed.

Inspirational Links

Elfwood - Is an extremely large science fiction and fantasy art archive, plus they also have a large fiction archive as well. A great place for inspiration! Literally contains thousands of artists and their artwork, so make sure you read their copyrights and so for concerning their art if you intend to use it.

Fashion Designers Web Sites - A Yahoo! listing of fashion designer websites. Large list, lots of inspiration ;)

Illustration Web Sites - A Yahoo! listing of illustrators and their websites and portfolio's. Many have character designs as well, lots of inspiration :)

Tattoo Artist Web Sites - A Yahoo! listing of tattoo/body art web sites. I'm sure some inspiration can be found from here. Tattoo's are always wonderful :)

Dresses.com - Dress designs by Odette Christiane. Very beautiful if you ask me ;) Contributed by Dreama

Drakken.com - This site is devoted to Fantasy Art and Poetry. Here you will find over 2000 fantasy pictures and hundreds of poems.

Dragon Tattoo's - A Pretty large listing of pictures of dragon tattoo's, some graphical, others on people's skin already.

Dragon ClipArt - Lots of dragon clipart, icons, backgrounds, etc.

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