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Given this was part of my "old" layout pages, I was surprised to see how many hits and links that it still got -- but then again, I sort of abandoned my website for a long stretch of time there, mid-layout-change. Anyways, the sad reality of the situation is that I know without even checking most of my links, that the majority of them are probably broken. For instance, I see that all of my "Sister" sites are long-gone! Or I was un-"Sistered" (as in Josie's case, she emailed me ages ago about it, though I kept the image up on my website for old-times sake).

Anyways, I'm getting back into dolling. The master has become the student, as it were. I'm such a novice compared to what people are creating nowadays -- but I'm happy to know I was one of the key reasons dolling became popular on the internet. I'm building a new cartoon doll links page. In fact, it's going to be a cartoon doll tutorial directory, based on Xandorra's and UVDolls Directories. Sadly, Xandorra took her tutorial search engine down sometime, and the UVDolls directory hasn't been updated since 2010. I'm hoping to have it online sometime in March. It will not only have links to cartoon doll tutorials, but also sites that have lots of base bodies for use, dollmakers, history of dollz, pixel art tutorials/information, and in general anything else that pertains to dolls and pixels.

With that said, please keep checking back on my main website, at http://ver.rubberhouse.net/ for information on my cartoon doll tutorial directory!

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