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Palace Chat!

If you have The Palace Chat client installed, click the above link to visit my Palace Chat server! It's online 24/7 and completely free to use. You might find me hanging out on Palace, so come chat with me!

If you would like more information about The Palace, please visit my chat server's website, at It has a bit of history about The Palace and tons of links, including where to download the client and other useful links.

Sister Sites

My friend Violablu also has her own Palace Chat server! You can connect by clicking this link --> if you already have the Palace Chat client installed.

Pixel Art/Tutorials Links

Following in the footsteps of Xandorra and UVDolls, I've created a new resource for the dolling community -- our new Cartoon Doll Search Engine! It's mainly a resource for tutorials, wherever they are hosted online (there are doller's own websites and some are on deviantART as well) but it will also feature categories for links to dolling articles, color palette generators, and information on The Palace Chat (where cartoon dolls originated from). Please check it out, and add your own website, or even add websites you admire!

*\/*New*\/* Cartoon Doll Links

I got rid of all my old links. I'm sorry to say that at least half them no longer worked! So, I'm starting a-fresh.

Wikipedia's Entry on Cartoon Dolls
Dr. A's Labora-Oratry



Cartoon Doll & Pixel Art Forums

These are the forums I am most active on! You can find more forums listed on the Cartoon Doll Search Engine.


Link to Veriria's Palace

I found my linking images! Hooray! Please, feel free to use either text or one of these images to link back to my website from yours. I sure would appreciate it! Just please make sure you do not direct link to my images (it won't work, anyways). Right click, save it to your own computer, then upload to your own server. And also please use my main website URL, which is


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