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Real Artwork by Me

   Here are scans of real artwork I have done throughout my years at Lake Central High School. There isn't much, as most of my good drawings got water damage and I don't want to post them up here (not like you'd be able to see what they are anyways...). So yeah, look at them, and let me know what you think of them ;) I was thinking of posting them up on elfwood.com at one point, but I don't think they are good enough to be up there. Maybe I am wrong, though, who knows. I haven't drawn in quite a while, I am probably rusty ^_^

My first alien in this 'series' you could call it
A 'jock' Lake Central High School alien.
This was the first version of my alien self.
This was the second version of my alien self after I got my hair cut.
Ah, well, it was supposed to be part of a tat design for my mom...
I saw this in a tattoo mag, and wanted to draw it.
An original character, feet are messed up.
Oh! My Goddess variation.
'Twas my first anime. They lost it :(
Ex-friend Caitlyn drew this. I colored it.
James of Team Rocket - kawaii!!
Sketches for a Christmas card designs.
My own Brave Fencer Musashi
Another Caitlyn-drawn, Kristen-colored.
We had to design a Valentine's Day card for Spanish class o.0
Another tattoo just begging to be drawn. Too bad I covered her in tape
Tank Girl! She rules
An 'old school' tattoo design
Classic Theatre Faces
Another pair of Theatre Faces
Elf on a mushroom
A very cool dragon, was a tattoo design as well.
Another tattoo inspired drawing.
A freaky one-eyed pyramid
A christmas card I designed and got printed
I developed my own style of drawing people
Drawn in Algebra II, trying to not fall asleep
Another version of me yet again
A version of Ex-friend Cat's girl
Just an eye
Don't ask, I don't know either
A scribble of me and my friends as we were. Now Steve is the only one I am still friends with.

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