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Terms of Use

I have very few rules that I apply to my site and its contents, so I would expect them to be followed. If you choose not to follow them, thats fine. I only hope I will never see your website, forums, or newsgroup in which you are breaking my rules, thats all. If I do, then we will have a problem. But until then, here are my (few) rules:

You May:

  • Adopt my dolls, take my dolls, steal my dolls, whatever you would like to call it. You may edit them freely, or only use parts of them in your own doll creations.
  • Use my base bodies in base body contests, and edit them freely to your own liking.
  • Create cross-stitching patterns of them, but you cannot make money off of them. If you intend to make money off of them, you must contact me before you do anything.
  • LINK to my website. It shows what a nice person you are, and shows me that I should continue to keep my website online. This is not necessary, however - you can choose to not link to my website - and that just shows me that you think my site is bad.

You May Not:

  • Reproduce any intelligent content on my site. This means my tutorials, essays, or articles that would appear anywhere on my site. If you would like to publish something on my site somewhere else, please e-mail me.
  • Directly link to my images. Well you can try at any rate, but it will not work.
  • Do not take any dolls in which I have adopted from other sites. Be considerate, and go to the owners site to get them, and follow their own rules on linking and taking their dolls.

.:· "I am not what I am" - Iago, in Bacon's Othello
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